The Subtleties of Designing a Dining Room Separated from the Living Room

The dining room, where we spend time with spouse, friends and family, has a special place for all of us.

For this reason, the design of the dining room is very important. Because we want a good decoration, harmony and eye-catching image in our dining rooms, just like everywhere else.

In general, the dining room is either in the living room or separate from the living room. It is easier to decorate the dining room, which is in the living room. Because we create a dining room that is compatible with the already existing decoration. However, the dining room separate from the living room is a place in itself. Decorating it is something else entirely.

So what should we pay attention to when decorating the dining room? What are the subtleties of designing the dining room?

Dining Room Separated from Living Room

A classic dining room has a dining table, chairs, dining console and display cabinet. You should decide on the size of the furniture based on the size of the room. You don’t have to use showcases and consoles in very small rooms. Because we think that you do not want to restrict your movement area in the dining room. When decorating a classic dining room, you should pay attention to:

  • Calculate how many square meters of space you have allocated for your dining room. Draw a rough sketch of the room on a piece of paper.
  • Take the measurements of furniture such as chairs, consoles, showcases and dining tables that you will use for the dining room.
  • With these measurements, place your furniture on the sketch paper. This is how you can decide which furniture goes where.
  • Place the dining table in the middle of the room. Arrange the remaining chairs and units around it.

The Secret of a Stylish Dining Room

  • You can handle the lighting work by placing a chandelier or a lamp on the ceiling right in the middle of your dining table.
  • Position large and heavy furniture first when placing items. Then you place accessories such as mirrors and paintings.
  • Place your items such as showcases, silverware and consoles at an angle rather than parallel to the wall. Have these items face each other. In this way, the design of the dining room becomes more spacious.
  • In your dining room, try not to have items and unnecessary materials that will prevent your furniture from being seen. Because these can make your room look messy.
  • You can benefit from the reflective property of glass by using glass accessories in your dining room.
  • Place the mirror in the narrowest corner of your dining room or directly opposite the dining table. Thus, you make your dining room look more spacious and larger.
  • If you have a spacious dining room where you do not have lighting problems, you can put your dining table in front of the glass. Thus, you can enjoy the view while eating.
  • You can support the lighting of your dining room by using LED lights on the wall. We would also like to point out that these LED lights will add a different atmosphere to the room.
  • If the floor of your dining room consists of wooden parquet, we recommend that you do not use carpet in the area where the tables and chairs are located. Because the carpet in that area can create visual pollution.
  • Color choice is very important for the dining room separate from the living room. With the right color choices, you can make the room look much more elegant. Light and bright colors create a spacious atmosphere in your dining room. Orange, yellow and red tones are always among the preferred colors in the dining room. These colors, which activate the feeling of hunger in people, can make you want to eat more enthusiastically and with appetite in your dining room.

A large dining room is easier to decorate than a small one. You can furnish it any way you want. So how should we decorate a small dining room?

Small Dining Room Decoration

If you have a small space for your dining room, you can make a great decoration by paying attention to a few things. Things to consider in this regard:

  • You can place large mirrors in your dining room. Because mirrors increase the perception of space in the room, add width and spaciousness.
  • The shape of your dining table is important. A round dining table limits your range of motion in your narrow room. For this reason, you can choose an oval table.
  • Instead of choosing your chairs with arm support and large ones, you should use armless, bone chairs.
  • The chandeliers you use to illuminate your dining room should not be big and flashy. You should prefer simpler and minimal designs.
  • To make your small dining room look more spacious, you should choose light and soft colors. Because light colors reflect natural light better. These reflections add a fresh air to your room.
  • It is important that the curtains you will use for the window are light and do not cut the light directly. Because you should not cut off the natural light of your room. Sunlight makes your room look larger and more spacious.
  • We prefer to use a simple decoration in the small dining room. Crowded and eye-catching decorations restrict the room’s movement area.
Accessories Used in the Dining Room

Accessories are important details for the dining room separate from the living room. You should be very careful when choosing accessories. Because too many accessories make your room crowded and tire the eyes. Dining room design may also be negatively affected by this crowd. You can create a visual feast in your dining room with the right accessory choices.

Candlesticks, candles or decorative bowls are great accessories to use on your dining table. You can create an aesthetic atmosphere by using candlesticks and candles suitable for the style of your dining room.

Decorative bowls are among the elements that complete the decoration by being placed in the middle of your dining table. You can decorate the inside of the bowls designed with different materials as you wish.

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